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Autism Apps Showing the Way for Special Needs Children

Several new apps like “Make Sentences” and “All Sorts!” have emerged as leading tools to tap the creative juices for children with autism spectrum disorder. The success of these apps has prompted many companies to invest their resources in similar technologies to help autistic children tackle everyday challenges.The “Make Sentences” and “All Sorts!” apps have been developed by a team of researchers with a simple aim to involve more children with autism spectrum disorder in technologies that will help them. Both these autism apps serve special needs children, as well as instructors, counselors, parents, therapists, and anyone working with autism spectrum disorder, to exchange ideas for a better living condition for such kids.In fact, many educators are of the opinion that if there was ever a moment when they wished there was a practical technology available to help children with autism spectrum disorder, these apps can help to get ideas heard. Some technology companies are even thinking of crowd-funding their projects as the idea to have educational apps for autistic kids have begun to strike a chord among those affected with the disorder.Enthused by the success of the “Make Sentences” and “All Sorts!” apps, researchers are now hoping that technology would lead to further developments. Maybe in the days to come, autism apps can be used for supporting transitions, addressing bullying, and even help in finding employment. These will be uniquely suited for autistic people. But companies admit that getting developers who are sensitive to the demands of people with autism will be the first challenge.Autism has been identified as a developmental disorder which affects a person’s ability to communicate within the peer group and non-autistic people. But it has been largely seen that most children enjoy using technological devices like tabs and smartphones. It was from this spark that a dedicated research team developed the “Make Sentences” and “All Sorts!” apps. While the first app helps in sentence building skills, the second one helps to learn sorting things. Though these are early days for autism apps, the beginning has been undeniably encouraging.But coming up with an app that helps children with autism spectrum disorder isn’t enough. These apps have to be regularly updated to impart the latest knowledge to autistic kids. The “Make Sentences” and “All Sorts!” apps are frequently updated. And that’s a major reason why these two apps are considered path-breaking in the field of autism education.