The Benefits of Adult Braces

Sometimes adults decide to get braces. Some adults get braces because they had braces as a child but their teeth became unaligned over time. Others get braces for the first time as an adult. Having braces as an adult can be an advantage over having them as a child. Adults are more conscious of the effects of products that damage their teeth such as sugar and smoke. Children that have braces are told to avoid soda and candy, but adults are more likely to actually follow through on such advice. Adults that get braces are more likely to not choose bright fluorescent colors but some do. Some adults are hesitant to get braces because they think it is too late for braces to help. This is not true.In fact, over the last two decades there has been a dramatic rise in the number of adults who have braces. Orthodontists report that nearly half their current patients are adults. People want to have a great smile. In the business world, crooked teeth covered in plaque can be cause for subtle or palpable discrimination. Braces are a considerable investment. Sometimes adults who get braces for the first time do so because it was not economically feasible during their childhood.Some children are lucky and they get braces whether they want them or not. Getting braces as an adult is more of a choice. Adults with crooked teeth often do not feel good about themselves as a result. There are adults who never had braces and their teeth are reasonably aligned naturally but they want to tighten them up and make them look closer to perfection. Even if you follow all the basic rules of care while your braces are on, once they are off you need to continue to take care of your teeth.Getting braces is not a permanent solution. If you do not follow up and wear your retainer for whatever period your orthodontist specifies following the removal of your braces, there is a good chance your orthodontist will urge you to let he or she apply a fresh set of braces. One of the best solutions for maintaining the alignment a couple years of braces set is a permanent retainer. Orthodontists can apply a slim bar behind your bottom teeth to keep them aligned. These bars are nearly invisible for those conscious of such things. The downside of such a bar is that it can cause plaque buildup. If you end up with a permanent retainer behind your lower teeth, a regular toothbrush will not do the trick. You will probably want to invest in an electronic toothbrush because it will do a better job of blasting away the plaque. Of course visiting your dentist for a cleaning at least twice a year is crucial too.